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Indian Naval Band Concert

Event Date : 06 Feb 2016
Event Starts : 1720 h - 1830 h
Venue : Samudrika Naval Auditorium
Attendance : By Invitation
Dress Code : 6s

Indian Naval Band Concert As is the tradition, the Honourable President will witness an Indian Naval Symphonic Orchestra. The origin of this magnificent ensemble dates back to 1945, when it was formed with a mere handful of naval musicians. Over the past seventy-four years, it has come a long way since those relatively humble beginnings, acquiring national and global renown as it regaled audiences across the country, and around the globe — especially during the overseas deployments of Indian Naval warships.

Military Bands have always played a motivational role from times immemorial. Military bands assist in the training of personnel by playing marching tunes on the parade ground and also entertaining the troops. These bands perform at ceremonials, which are an essential part of military service. Reaching for professional perfection and improvement has always been the forte of the Indian naval band. The Indian Navy’s Central Band was commissioned in the early 50s. The musicians are privileged to be proud ambassadors of our great and diverse country and spread the message of peace and unity across the oceans. This band is widely travelled and has performed in many countries including countries like Russia, Cuba, USA, UK and Japan.

Versatility is the hallmark of the Indian Naval Band whether arranged as a military marching band or as a symphonic wind ensemble. Its wide-ranging repertoire includes stirring martial music, arrangements of symphonies, overtures, concertos, Indian classical music, and a host of other forms of contemporary genres, including Pop and Folk music.

The Band continues to relate closely to its audience, making every effort to incorporate different forms and textures of music, thus producing a rich tapestry and embodying India’s abiding characteristic of ‘Unity in Diversity’.

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